From year to date, progress and growth prevails  

Life... it is what you make it. Knowing that learning comes from experience, some people learn from their mistakes while others continue down a path of self destruction. But in regards to TIN, growth and progress is seen from year to date. TIN has a new song entitled "Year To Date" produced by Drumdummie Records that is sure to be a classic. TIN's music clearly has elevated over time with his latest release "Year To Date" as he touches the streets with his own unique story of his experiences in the streets. In comparison to TIN's last release on Itunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, and more,"The Public's Enemy" Ep album, this single exclusive to is the banner of TIN's development as an artist. He uses his voice slightly more in this charismatic track as TIN exclaims how he "improved from year to date". Overall, TIN sounds more vibrant than ever, on his journey to adjust from the small town, rural scenery of Hopkins, South Carolina to the vast, diverse environment  in Houston, Texas. TIN seems to be finding himself, and feeling himself a little bit more as he prepares to follow up "Year to Date" with a series of songs revealing a glimpse into the aftermath of TIN's previous 10 year relationship. TIN sincerely appreciates everyone's patience and anticipation as he prepares to give you his best yet. Please subscribe to our site for more exclusive content. This is truly History in the making. Peace, Blessings, and Love to ALL!!

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