Blessings are earned, not given!

Shalom! Peace and blessings to all! TIN and T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E. would like to thank EVERYONE who has been keeping up with the MOVEMENT. You are currently participating in the Greatest Story Never Told! I ensure you that TIN is hard at work to give the people something very special and monumental, and your patience and anticipation is greatly appreciated. TIN's new music will reflect more on his personal experiences in life, as life itself and experiences are true teachers. TIN will convey the listeners with melodic, soulful tunes produced by Penacho and Drum Dummies Records. TIN's upcoming projects will highlight TIN's ability to make quality music that appeals to people. TIN will continue to produce projects, but he is currently working with other producers to grow further as an artist. TIN is currently in Houston, Texas working diligently as his music has reached a higher level and his career is advancing. TIN is truly Blessed and Blessings are earned, not given. Once again, Thank You for your time!

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