Die a hero, or live long enough to Become Da Villain”


TIN Da Villain

Da Villain

Da Villain

Life is better lived with understanding. At one point of time, I lacked understanding of the World and myself, but now I UNDERSTAND, INNERSTAND, and OVERSTAND who I am.

I am TIN (The Intellect Neglected), the missing Element. A spiritual Being with the ideology of Being an incarnation of The Most High and the Ancestors.

I am TIN "Da Anomaly", meaning in this Matrix of life, I am the chosen one.

I am TIN "Da Enigma" meaning I am deeper than some may comprehend.

and I am TIN "Da Rebel", Being rebellious to the systematic oppression of my people.

Possessing wisdom from the unique Life experiences I've endured, and being hated for the TRUTH I speak, 

I am TIN Da Villain 

Experience the Revolution

TRUTH is the new hate speech and TIN stands for the TRUTH making TIN Da Villain

Experience TIN- The Blackest Ink Now!

T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E.

T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E. 

The Righteously Inspired Brothers Everywhere Living In Freedom Eternally 

seeks to motivate and empower communities in efforts to build as opposed to destroying.TRUTH be told, the only people who change the World are the ones who are crazy enough to think they can. TIN Da Villain cant change the World, but WE can.


T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E.

its Only One Way Up

its Only One Way Up

Da Villain'z Diary

"Time Flys"  

" Time Flys, one day you'll Be here and then you're gone" as said By T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E. TIN. 

The artist who represents the diversity and raw talent of South Carolina collaborates with California's own WCDizzy on a sonically Pleasing song produced By Richie Beats titled "Time Flys". As WCDizzy says as the song Begins, "Been Down since Day One, Yet they act like they don't know me". This smooth track is inspired By how quickly Things change, People change, and life passes By.  This song is for Promotional use only.

Experience the Revolution exclusively on www.tribelifetin.com and YouTube. 

From year to date, progress and growth prevails   

Life... it is what you make it. Knowing that learning comes from experience, some people learn from their mistakes while others continue down a path of self destruction. But in regards to TIN, growth and progress is seen from year to date. TIN has a new song entitled "Year To Date" produced by Drumdummie Records that is sure to be a classic. TIN's music clearly has elevated over time with his latest release "Year To Date" as he touches the streets with his own unique story of his experiences in the streets. In comparison to TIN's last release on Itunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, and more,"The Public's Enemy" Ep album, this single exclusive to www.tribelifetin.com is the banner of TIN's development as an artist. He uses his voice slightly more in this charismatic track as TIN exclaims how he "improved from year to date". Overall, TIN sounds more vibrant than ever, on his journey to adjust from the small town, rural scenery of Hopkins, South Carolina to the vast, diverse environment  in Houston, Texas. TIN seems to be finding himself, and feeling himself a little bit more as he prepares to follow up "Year to Date" with a series of songs revealing a glimpse into the aftermath of TIN's previous 10 year relationship. TIN sincerely appreciates everyone's patience and anticipation as he prepares to give you his best yet. Please subscribe to our site for more exclusive content. This is truly History in the making. Peace, Blessings, and Love to ALL!!

The media is NOT for information, it's for indoctrination  

Why do I feel the need to drown my sorrows in alcohol? Why does it have to be VSOP Rémy Martin or Hennessy? Why do I smoke high grade cannabis to fade my pain into blackness? Why does it have to be so strong and stink? 

Living life, I've come to learn and understand that no one is to blame for my short comings other than me. I am the reason why my life is the way it is because it's not about what you go through, it's about how you go through it. It's about your decision making and how you respond to temptations and other obstacles in life. How can I take appraisal and congrats for my good decisions but not take responsibility and blame for my bad ones? Rightfully, I am my biggest critic, my biggest fan, and my biggest hater. I am my only competition.I am only as strong as my weakness. 

But who am I? Am I really this person who drinks "yak" and smokes "Loud"? Am I really this person who breaks the hearts of women with my infidelities? Am I really this person who resorted to the streets for money when I had no job? Where did I get the impression that cognac and marijuana could make my unfavorable situations any better? Who told me that it was "cool" or all right to entertain multiple women? Who showed me that drugs equals fast money? Could it have been the media? 

Truthfully, I've come to understand that the media is not made for information but rather for indoctrination. From the fruitless, futile TV shows broadcasted to hundreds of millions of people, to the excessively violent, and sexually explicit video games played by little children and adults worldwide , to the graphic brutality on YouTube videos, to the trivial, grotesque characters and scenes depicted in movies, it's clear and noticeable that the media has a dark, deep, and definite influence on the mass. A report from the Nielsen Company revealed that in 2016, the average American spent about 10 hours and 39 minutes each and every day digesting media. 

I strongly believe that the media is the reason society is the way it is. Clearly, you wouldn't care to buy Jordan's or nikes if they weren't glamorized by amusing commercials and worn by other notable people. Clearly, you wouldn't want an iPhone if it weren't for apples crafty marketing schemes and seeing it in the hands of everyone with at least one hand (Lol). It's evident than people don't want to feel left out. Everyone wants to feel like they're "popping" which is understandable, but not with the sacrifice of originality. My desire to find my true self and break away from the conformity of social "norms" and society as a whole has lead me to The Intellect Neglected (TIN). I may not be perfect but I'm worth it, and if you made it this far, truly you are too. 

Peace, Blessings, and Love to all! 


Blessings are earned, not given! 

Shalom! Peace and blessings to all! TIN and T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E. would like to thank EVERYONE who has been keeping up with the MOVEMENT. You are currently participating in the Greatest Story Never Told! I ensure you that TIN is hard at work to give the people something very special and monumental, and your patience and anticipation is greatly appreciated. TIN's new music will reflect more on his personal experiences in life, as life itself and experiences are true teachers. TIN will convey the listeners with melodic, soulful tunes produced by Penacho and Drum Dummies Records. TIN's upcoming projects will highlight TIN's ability to make quality music that appeals to people. TIN will continue to produce projects, but he is currently working with other producers to grow further as an artist. TIN is currently in Houston, Texas working diligently as his music has reached a higher level and his career is advancing. TIN is truly Blessed and Blessings are earned, not given. Once again, Thank You for your time!

Election Day 2016 

Daily, as Election Day approaches, the world is in anticipation to see a moment in history that  will determine the fate of America and everything in its reach. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are in an intense, scandalous battle for the White House. Russia, North Korea and other forces, ranging from America's financial woes to its crumbling highways and power grid, threaten America, as one natural or man-made disaster could begin the apocalypse. Other than the worst two possible candidates ever fighting for Presidency, the pentagon spending $540 million on fake terrorist videos, and Martial law being a blink away, Americans, and people world-wide can still be optimistic of the future as American Rap/Hip-Hop artist TIN prepares to release his debut album "The Public's Enemy" Ep available November 8 on www.tribelifetin.com as well as itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more digital music outlets. TIN's latest project is a reflection of the pressures of being a young black man in an America where cops killing unarmed, innocent people is forcefully accepted as normal and is rarely ever punished. "The Public's Enemy" Ep is a passionate expression of frustrations from injustices with a rebellious energy. TIN is also known as "TIN da Rebel", and he delivers on "The Public's Enemy"  Ep with his conscious, poetic rhymes. TIN and "The Public's Enemy" Ep is sure to please fans who desire content, emotion, and attitude. TIN correlates himself with Tupac, Nas, J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and other great lyricists as he gives fans world-wide a glimpse into the true life of a young man from America, let alone South Carolina. On November 8, 2016, America will be blessed and possibly cursed but the good outweighs the bad, as the world will be blessed with TIN "The Public's Enemy" Ep.

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Together we stand 

Since the dawn of time, forces have always worked together for the benefit of greater good. According to the New International Version of the Bible, even God said "Let us make mankind in our image..." (Genesis 1:26). Mankind has always worked together and have been creators. Civilization is a concept of multiple pieces put together to ensure order in society, but even in the wild, animals work in harmony. The circle of life is dependent on several different forces working together directly and indirectly. Honey Bees pollinate plants and aid in reproduction which feeds animals which are then preyed on by hunters who themselves may be hunted for food. In general, the World only exist because of the togetherness therein. You've never seen an ant build a pile for itself, nor a bird build a nest for itself. This indicates that even outside of society, togetherness is essential for survival. So how do wild animals manage a cycle that humans cant even master? Wouldn't it make more sense for mankind to work together? People idealistically have a way of living that is based on individual wants and needs, but society and civilization was built on working together to build great empires. Instead of an adult moving out on their own and buying or renting a place to stay, as well as their siblings doing the same, it would be a smarter investment to compile multiple mortgages or rents into one lump sum to purchase a home large enough to house an whole family. For example, if two parents have three kids who all one day move out on their own, this would essentially lead to one mortgage/rent for the parents, and three additional mortgages/rents belonging to their offspring. That's 4 different mortgages or rents totaling out to be about $3000 plus/minus, let alone the individual utility expenses. In essence, this family can afford a massive estate, large enough to house everyone comfortably. What has happened to the family? Why do families refuse to work together to improve the quality of their own lives? In conclusion, it seems that God, nature, and the universe all insist we work together for the upkeep of the Earth. It's ONLY ONE WAY UP!!! What are your thoughts?

"Time"monds and Gold 

Diamonds and gold are very expensive and precious, but are they worth more than time? Life itself is nothing but time. We only live but for so long, and any day could be our last so what can be more precious than the few years we are blessed with. Time is more precious than ANYTHING the Earth creates because it is the result of the balance between the Sun and the Moon, making it Devine and Heavenly in nature. So to waste time is to waste life, meaning every second on the clock is greater than or equal to your last breath of air. I urge you to NOT be wasteful of time, and to work relentlessly, day in and day out until you reach your own personal benchmarks and goals because working 8 hours a day for a greedy executive you never met is truly a waste of your time and your life. People often waste time, being life, on senseless, meaningless garments and objects. Whether its a Chanel or Michael Kors purse, or Gucci, True Religion and Nike clothing, women and men devote their time and energy on accruing funds to purchase things that are only valued by the superficial. in essence, their lives are given away for material things, because their time is spent pursuing vanity. That's what separates men from the gods, because a god is only concerned with the spiritual realm and the supernatural. I would rather have time and goals rather than having diamonds and gold, so respect me and my time as Devine and god given. Anticipate...


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Love Poppin' Hate Droppin'

For too long, senseless violence has been accepted as a solution to problems, but to no avail. We have all lost loved ones, but the worst way to lose someone is from a murder that coud have been prevented with proper conflict resolution. You cant simply tell someone to STOP THE VIOLENCE without presenting an alternative, so T.R.I.B.E. L.I.F.E. TIN Da Villain presents Love as the alternative.

Love for Life.

Love for self.

Love for others.

Love Poppin' Hate Droppin'

Rebel Muzikk

Experience Rebel Muzikk

Experience Rebel Muzikk

At an early age, I realized and understood that everything I did had a meaning behind it. From the colors that I liked to the music I admired. Red, the color of Passion and Rebellion always attracted me and I always loved Passionate, Rebel Muzikk...No matter if its gospel music, or rap music, or rock music, I've always been attracted to the hope, vibrations, energies, and messages that music can bless you with. Michael Jackson, Prince, Bob Marley, Tupac, Cash Money, and many other artist greatly inspired me With their edgy, Before their time sounds respectively. A lot of the Socio-political driven music of every genre and every time period greatly inspired TIN Da Villain. The issues of this Matrix we call the World and the diverse sounds of music with no boundaries is what fuels Rebel Muzikk. Experience the Revolution

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    This video is dope. Check em coming!

    This video is dope. Check em coming!